Maybe it's just me, but I've never been into a movie or TV show enough to warrant a tour, walking or otherwise, of the area in which the movie or show was shot.  It did get me thinking of some of the places I'd get to see if I took a tour.

I've randomly thought of five TV shows & five movies I'd consider a favorite that also has a tour-worthy set location.  This automatically eliminates The Fifth Element & any other space movies.  Movies set in previous times/periods also didn't make the cut.  Cartoons?  Out.  I'll catch ya' on the flip-side, Griffin Family.  Sorry, Braveheart.  What I'm left with are dramas, action movies & comedies.


Sons of Anarchy-


Credit: Sons of Anarchy Facebook


This is a show that's become an instant favorite for me.  As with many hour-long shows, I just never have the time to sit down and really get wrapped up in the action.  Thanks to Netflix I've become an avid fans of SAMCRO, and although the quaint town of Charming, CA is fictional, there are plenty of theories out there as to where the town WOULD be located if it were real.  As for the houses & businesses used in the filming of the show, the city of angels is where you'd have better luck.  With a little free time you can see the whole set yourself, spread out through Los Angeles.

Breaking Bad-


Photo Credit: Breaking Bad Facebook


Albuquerque, New Mexico may not even be a place you can spell without the help of spell check (I spelled it correct the first time, FYI), but millions of dollars have flowed into the city over the course of filming five seasons.  There are plenty of different opportunities for a tour of spots in the show, even a tour offered by the Chamber of Commerce.  There are even places to pick up a bag of the actual blue (candy) meth used in the show for a buck at the Candy Lady.

Alaska: The Last Frontier-


Credit: Alaska: The Last Frontier Facebook


While I may never make it to the actual homestead of the Kilcher family I would gladly take a tour of any of the other thousands of square miles available to see.  I would love to spend a week on the homestead, becoming one with the wild side.  As a bonus, you might run in to Jewel, as she's the granddaughter of the family patriarch, Yul.  Working alongside the Kilchers, I'd be great right up until the time came to skin & gut an animal.  I.  Just.  Can't.  Do.  It.

Modern Family-


Credit Modern Family Facebook


America's new favorite dysfunctional family is the Dunphys.  I never would have thought that Ed O'Neill would make another serious TV run, but then again every time I watch the show, in my mind, I'm watching Al Bundy.  Like most of the TV & movie world, much of what you see shot in the interior is actually on a lot at the studio.  As for the real homes I struck out looking for a formal tour, but I did find someone that did the tour themselves.  There are multiple places to take an online tour of the homes used for inspiration for the homes used in the show.  I'd like to see the homes myself, but only if Sofia is my tour guide.



Credit: Seinfeld Facebook


I chose this show, not because it was a terrific show season after season, but rather because the other shows I watch don't have interesting tours.  There are ways to see where the Soup Nazi made his soup, tours led by the real life Kramer (played by Michael Richards in the show), and tours that can get you a seat at Monk's.




Animal House-


Credit: Animal House Facebook


Faber College, of course, was a fictional college, but over the years we've been offered a glimpse into what inspired the movie's script & what inspired the setting.  While the movie was shot on an actual college campus, it was nowhere near the fictional town of Faber, PA.  The movie used the University of Oregon campus for the college setting, and you can see the movie's filming locations yourself.

Pulp Fiction-


Credit: Pulp Fiction Facebook


Many of the key scenes in this gritty classic from Quentin Tarentino are actual locations around Los Angeles.  That tends to happen when you're low budget and you don't have a big, fancy set.  From the cafe to the apartments to the pawn shop, you can see it all with various tours.

The Rundown-  


Credit: The Rundown Facebook


While we're made to believe the film is set in Brazil, the reality of a shoot in such a volatile location is too much to handle.  The filming took place where many movies with a jungle setting are shot:  Hawaii.  Who can blame 'em?  Beautiful beaches nearby, plenty of humidity, and NO SNAKES!!


Credit: The Hangover Facebook


The Hangover-

While I definitely like the first Hangover better, the tour itself would be slightly more interesting in Bangkok, which says a lot considering the first film's location is Las Vegas.  If you're looking for a great time that you won't remember, tours that take you to the seedy underbelly of the city are plentiful.


Credit: Blues Brothers Facebook

Blues Brothers-  

The years have certainly passed since Blues Brothers first drove onto our movie screens, but tours are still out there.  You'll see the locations destroyed by Jake & Elwood in their pursuit to help The Penguin.  You can even stop by for a (short) visit at the joint that housed Jake at the beginning of the movie.