A small plane crashed onto a Texas highway just after after take-off on Saturday. Fortunately, no one was injured. That's hard to believe when you see the shape the plane was in.

The video shows the plane taking off and clipping the street light, then crashing onto the highway below. As ugly as it was to watch, nobody was injured.

The plane only had one person on it, and that was the pilot. He did get checked out as a precaution, but was okay.

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NBCFW reports that according to the Chambers County Sheriff's Office, the plane was part of the Rice Festival Parade that day, and the pilot decided to fly the plane back to the airport instead of having it towed.

The crash happened in Winnie on State Highway 124 Saturday morning. Officials closed the highway following the crash to investigate and clean up. The highway opened later in the day.

It's great that no one was injured, but seeing video of a plane crashing just reinforces my fear of flying.

Maybe I should be more afraid of planes crashing on me while I'm driving on the road. This type of thing seems to happen more than you might think.

In late August, a plane made an emergency landing on Interstate 5 in Del Mar.

In early June, a small plane made an emergency landing on the 101 Freeway in Augura Hills, California, with one pilot and a student on board. Fortunately no was injured in that incident either.

Seems like we need street signs that warns us, "Careful, Planes May Be Falling From The Sky At Any Time".

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