The city of Killeen is happy to see a decrease in violent crime so far in 2018.

KWTX has shared the report from Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble that shows a decrease in cases of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglaries, and auto theft so far this year compared to 2017.

Photo via KWTX 4-11 Story by Marco Revuelta
Photo via KWTX 4-11 Story by Marco Revuelta

The snapshot in the photo above reflects the following decrease in the following crimes:

       Crime                 2017            2018

  • Murder                7                   1
  • Robbery             62                 40
  • Assault              103               52
  • Burglary            266               207
  • Larceny             463               467
  • Vehicle Theft    140                59

Kimble became the city's police chief in September of last year and he told the city council his first 30 days would be spent assessing strengths and weaknesses in the department. He encourages residents to take simple steps like locking their car doors every time which can make a big difference in crime prevention.

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