There are some things only Texans will understand: you won't find beans in authentic Texas chili. We measure driving distance by hours, not miles. We eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All carbonated beverages are referred to as "Coke", not soda. "Ma'am" is not a term for old women, it's a term for all women. And hospitality is king. But one of the biggest things we understand in the lone star state - you can go to Whataburger for any occasion.

I mean ALL occasions. Check out some of the best meals from Valentine's Day on Twitter.

Breakfast in Bed.

Going All Out with Balloons.

Tradition is Key to a Healthy Relationship.

Let's Be Honest. You, Me, and  Burger.

I Don't Even Care About the Candy!

You Just Gotta Know Your Girl.

Open All Day and Night. =)