As the air turns cooler, the fall approaches toward Central Texas. It also brings a holiday that many can't wait to celebrate. With Halloween fast approaching, many have costumes and events planned.

But did anyone truly plan for this? Heck is Killeen even prepared for this moment? It's been confirmed that one thing is for sure this Halloween season.

Zombies Will Invade Killeen

How do we know there will be a zombie invasion? We've gotten advance notice from Central Texas Gellyball in Kemper:

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Central Texas Gellyball Facebook
Central Texas Gellyball Facebook

Thankfully it looks like we, the proud residents of Central Texas will be able to hold off these zombies thanks to the business. The best part? We can hold off the invasion with gellyballs. Wait, gellyballs?

What Exactly Are Gellyballs?

According the Killeen Daily Herald, the owner of Central Texas Gellyball is different from a paintball. For one, it doesn't leave a mark, and is a water bead that is biodegradable. Proceeds from the event will also go towards Bikers Against Child Abuse.

There's more than just a zombie invasion however. A haunted house will be also available to attendees, with food trucks and a petting also available for those willing to pay an additional fee.

The event is not just one night however, taking place three times in the last three weekends of the spookiest month of the year, October 14-15, 21-22, and 28-29.

Central Texas, we've been warned. We have time to prepare, so be ready to stop the zombies!

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