People are still trying to cross raging flood waters. I guess "turn around, don’t drown" isn’t working as a catch phrase. Maybe we should try some new ones.

It seems that common sense is lacking when it rains. With all the videos on YouTube showing how water beats car every time, people are still attempting to make it across flooded roads.

We’re now seeing the horrific results first hand. And if a military vehicle can’t handle flood waters, your plastic pick-up truck ain’t gonna make it either.

So I thought I would come up with some new slogans that might make everyone see some sense.

  • Live in Texas, Don't die in a Lexus
  • Your car don’t float, so stop treating it like a boat.
  • That river's too big for your Chevy rig.
  • If the river is raging, then you’ll be gaging
  • If you be clowning, you’ll soon be drowning.
  • When you try floating, you end up soaking.
  • When the water's deep, the Reaper creeps.
  • You won’t overcome mass, so don’t be a dumbass.
  • When you try to forge, you’ll end up in the morgue.
  • You must be on dope to think your car will float.

Maybe if you saw some of them in picture form...

  • Slogan 1

    Via Big Q Creations TSM
  • Slogan 2

    Via Big Q Creations TSM
  • Slogan 3

    Via Big Q Creations TSM
  • Slogan 4

    Via Big Q Creations TSM
  • Slogan 5

    Via Big Q Creations TSM
  • Slogan 6

    Via Big Q Creations TSM