A 19-year-old resident of Little River-Academy has been indicted and charged with stealing multiple firearms from two different local residences.

Steven Craig Lefevre spent Wednesday in the Bell County jail. Jail records show he's being held on $55,000 dollars bond.

When confronted, Lefevre confessed to stealing firearms from people's houses on two separate occasions. According to police, a couple of other residents in Little River-Academy noticed property missing from their homes over the last few months. When one man confronted Lefevre, he admitted he had broken in and stolen the guns. He said he sold them to a local gun shop in Heidenheimer. This sale happened on March 9th according to a police report. Lefevre's warrant was issued Wednesday.

The second resident was a woman who told police she noticed her home had been broken into, and that her shotgun had been stolen. She told police this on May 25th. The same gun shop in Heidenheimer also purchased the missing shotgun. That sale happened April 1st according to police. This woman says she also confronted Lefevre, and police say he then confessed to that crime as well.

Lefevre will be charged with charged with two counts of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit theft.