A meth ring was busted in Central Texas, and sentencing for those involved is now complete.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Jeremiah Hector Marquez, 33, the leader of a meth ring in Waco, was sentenced on Thursday for conspiracy.

Marquez was the last man out of 20 to be sentenced for their involvement in the illegal distribution ring. Daniel Louis Lopez was also a ringleader in the operation and is serving a life sentence for his participation

“Methamphetamine or ‘meth’ destroys lives. It’s a highly addictive poison and those that sell it are victimizing our communities. If you deal meth in Central Texas, you can expect to spend a long time in prison,” U.S. Attorney Gregg Sofer said.

Some other members of the ring were sentenced to probation or time served.

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