Many in the state of Texas dream of winning the lottery.

Just think about it after all, the chance to possibly never have to worry about bills in our life? Even better, finally being able to buy something you've always wanted! Plenty of ideas flood one's mind if they were to win.

But, as we all know, chances of winning are quite slim. When one wins most of the time, it's a small amount, or potentially even an amount of say $1,000. But when a Texan wins big, we all know it happened.

As it turns out, somebody in the Lone Star State might be about to faint, as a ticket they bought in the state is about to land them a major amount of money.

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The New Big Winner In The State Of Texas


Per CW33, the winning ticket was purchased on June 24, 2024. Further information provided by the Texas Lottery reveals that it was even bought in Central Texas! Specifically, in Austin, at a Salt Springs Xpress.

The data reveals that there were many different winners of various dollar amounts. 7 unidentified individuals won $2,677 from the drawing, but one unknown person had the luck of the draw on their side. That individual won a staggering 29 Million Dollars!

At the time of writing, the winner hasn't been identified as of yet. So if you recently purchased a ticket and your numbers were 11-21-25-30-32-50, you've got 180 days to get your money!

Just don't tell anybody you won, otherwise people might start asking you for things!

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