I don't know about you, but when compared to 49 other states, I consider finishing 4th to be a big time W. However, this is Texas and we have a healthy score of pride from being so used to seeing everyone in our rear view it creates a bit of an itch to learn just what 3 states could possible stand side by side, let alone ahead of the Lone Star State.

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Before we go about solving the mystery of the 3 states more friendly than Texas, let's take a small sneak peak at the states that do not even begin to sniff our dully tail pipes because they are so far behind. These are the 5 least friendly states according to Enjoy Travel.

  1. New York - Well, Hillary Clinton did call them deplorable.
  2. Arkansas - They're big on being a local, so generally pretty neighborly to Texans
  3. Delaware - This is the home state of President Biden.
  4. Massachusetts - They cuss a lot, but it's because they're easily excited.
  5. New Jersey - They're pretty much the same as New Yorkers, except they wanted a yard for their house.

What are the other 4 most friendly states with Texas?


Wyoming is number 5, and according to World Population Review, these are the top 3 states somehow even more friendly than Texas. Number 1 is actually 3rd nicest, so number 3 is the nicest state according to the study.

  1. South Carolina - They have great beaches, and Southern Charm appeal.
  2. Tennessee - Another southern state that praises volunteering.
  3. Minnesota - They really embraced Midwestern Nice into their own Minnesota Nice.

In case you were wondering, California ranked the 11th least friendly, but you should be nice to your new neighbor because that is, "The Texas Way."

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