Sears announced that the chain is struggling, so they're going to be shutting down some stores, which include . Thursday they announced that 78 stores would be closing up, including 10 Sears stores, and 68 K-marts.

According to Business Insider, Sears' sales dropped 8.3% and Kmart sales fell 5% in the most recent quarter. The company didn't say how many employees would be laid off as a result of the store closures.


  • El Paso

    11330 Montwood Dr., El Paso

    If you want to shop at the Kmart in El Paso, your time is limited.

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  • Mission Texas

    1405 East Expressway 83, Mission

    Getting some cheap snacks before heading to Mexico will be a bit harder now in Mission, Texas. They're losing their Kmart

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  • Sweetwater Texas

    210 SE Georgia Ave., Sweetwater

    Making people drive to Abilene. That's just mean. Is there another place in Sweetwater to get 4x clothing?

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