If you were to read an article that listed all of the places other United States travelers avoid at all costs, what cities do you think would be near or at the top of that list? If you live in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, the first of the three listed might sting a little bit.

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Would you be surprised to know that the number 1 city that travelers absolutely refuse to deal with is Detroit, Michigan? If you have Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City as your next 3, you are obviously very good at this game, or you align with millions of other American travelers that have had the distinct displeasure of getting the full experience of those metros.

What Texas cities made the list of most avoided by United States travelers?


The first one on the list might sting because it is more than likely the city in Texas you travel to the most. Ranking at number 8 overall on the poll is Austin.

Tying for 10th is Dallas, and and that makes the other Texas city technically just two spots behind at number 13, Houston. Austin is probably unavoidable if you are a Central Texan, but the reward is San Antonio was nowhere near sniffing the list, and it is closer to visit than either Dallas or Houston.

This appears to be yet another list that finds San Antonio to be just as darling as we do.


If you check out the poll in The Vacationer article, you will also see that over 25% of American travelers say they have zero issue visiting any city.

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