Residents of Temple, Texas, we can all admit we need something to eat during the day.

We all get hungry after all! Residents in the state need to snack on at some point during the day. Otherwise, the grumbling we hear from our stomachs is bound to get louder and louder.

But there has to be some kind of variety to our choices doesn't there? Eating the same thing over and over again certainly can get boring right? This city is full of food choices too.

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How do we find the hidden gems of Temple though? Well, we solicited you for your choices via our free station app, and you gave us your suggestions.

The 30 Hidden Gem Eateries Of Temple, Texas

Long story short, there's so many places to chow down in Temple that we had to narrow down the choices in terms of popularity by your votes. So, if there's one you think we've missed, let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature! 

Check Out This 30 Hidden Gem Restaurants In Temple, Texas!

We all get hungry in the city if Temple, Texas. But sometimes you want something different, something new. Don't worry, there's 30 choices for you right here!

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