It's no secret that around here, we are proud to celebrate Texas Country and Red Dirt Music. A band that graces our area at least once a year to put on an epic show is the Randy Rogers Band. His raspy unique voice somehow traps us and there we are hearing his songs on repeat. Randy Rogers is a hopeless romantic, maybe that's why we love him so much. Before you see him in concert here are some songs you should memorize. Beware these songs will also make you want to fall in love so make sure you take a plus one to the next concert, or maybe meet your plus one there.

5. In My Arms Instead- Sometimes you just have to be open and put it out there. The hopeless romantic really shows his true colors with this one, but somehow this song still gives us hope to love again.

4. One Woman- The song every woman hopes her better half will sing to her. the ONE woman part is really important of course, but talk about having a mans attention, this song sure knows how to make a girl feel special!

3. Flash Flood- Talk about finding love when you're not looking for it. This song describes it perfectly!

2. Tonight's Not the Night- First dates are tough, the friend zone is always a difficult one to get out of, talk about jumping in. "Tonight's no the night to play safe or take it easy." Jump in baby boy, get that kiss in under the porch light!

1. Kiss Me in the Dark- Don't we all know this one? The perfect song to sing at the top of our lungs? If you dance in the dark, maybe you can finally sneak that kiss in the dark as well!


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