Just earlier this year, Charlie Robison was doing what was thought to be the impossible, and was back on the road playing shows all over Texas. He was scheduled to play in Central Texas twice over the past few months, and unfortunately both performances had to be canceled.

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Over the years, we had been given several chances to see Robison thanks to places like Johnny's Steaks and Bar-Be-Que hosting weekend concerts. Every time he came through town, it was another can't miss performance, and often times a can't miss opener.

Do you remember when Natalie Stovall opened for him in 2013 before she formed the group Runaway June?

Robison has been playing the Texas circuit since the late 80's, and even lived the Nashville life for a while when he was signed to major labels like Columbia Records. Of course, he was also married for almost a decade to founding member of The Chicks Emily Erwin, seen in the video above.

What was the cause of death for Charlie Robison?

Robison had recently suffered from Cardiac Arrest, and that along with other complications are given as the cause of his passing. Just 10 days prior on Thursday of Labor Day weekend, he was schedule to perform on August 31 at the Central Texas State Fair, and had to be replaced at the last minute.

Robison had retired from music for a time when he lost his ability to sing following an operation. Robison had only announced his return to playing life about 1 year ago, and it was believed he would resume recording in the very near future.

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