Austin City Limits has never really been designed as a country artist showcase, but plenty of roots, country rhythm and blues, and mainstream acts definitely had their moment to shine in Austin, Texas over the past two weekends. One of those artists is Corey Kent and he had one of the biggest hits of the year, and also calls the Lone Star State home.

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Although born and raised in Oklahoma, CK has been a resident of Texas for much of his adult life, and for as much as Oklahoma and Texas "Enjoy" a rivalry, the common ground of the two states keeps things more than friendly, it is familial. That is why his album Blacktop is such a great major label debut, it provides all the comforts of the Texoma Heartland with a steady flow of bops that perfectly complement the storytelling of a talented artist.

What has 2023 been like in the words of Corey Kent?

Maybe the highlight of the interview was CK sharing his intentions of when to expect new music, and it is much sooner than later. He noted that the team was at their best when they kept dishing out a new song every 6 to 8 weeks, and by feeding the fans, they were in turn able to feed their families almost like having a perpetual music machine.

Definitely make plans to see CK perform soon because as he continues absorbing every experience, he unlocks new levels that become another point of connection for the audience. Check out more ACL Fest below.

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