All of a sudden it happens. Date night turns into the twice a month go eat at your favorite spot, stop by the store on the way home to pick up some dog food and you head home to watch a movie or the show you're both binge watching. If you need a few ideas on how to switch up date night during the fall here are a few!

6. Take the bikes out to the trail! Although it's not a date NIGHT idea, it can make for a great day date. You'll have fun taking the bikes out you swore you'd use but they've just been sitting in the garage instead. Don't have a bike? Walk the trail, it will be just as fun. Afterwards you can treat yourself with some ice cream or hot chocolate. Whatever our bipolar weather decides to go with that day!

5. Get lit, and paint! Ok, maybe you're not the most artistic person out there. If so, I feel you! It's crazy what a bottle of wine can do, all of a sudden you're Picasso! Most paint studios have easy to follow painting classes, plus most of the time they're BYOB!

4. Carve pumpkins! Or you can carve a pineapple. Whatever floats your boat. Somehow carving pumpkins as an adult is more fun than I remember! It's also a very humbling experience. Those stencils are for babies, and me. Let your friends on Facebook and Instagram vote for the best pumpkin. (Don't lie, you love competing against your other half!)

3. Get Baked! You know those Pinterest ideas and all those recipes you swear you'll try but you never have. Hang out at the grocery store with your crazy ingredient list, it's like a scavenger hunt. Then go home and make sure your other half does the measuring so if the recipe doesn't work out you don't take the blame. Remember moe buttah, moe bettah!

2. Campfire, in your backyard! Since when did we quit having fun with the fire pit? You don't need to have company over to make s'mores and roast some hot dogs. Hang out under the stars until the fire burns out. Come on, it's kinda romantic!

1. Hop, Hop, HOP AROUND! When is the last time you went out and tried 3 different restaurants in one night? Map out three restaurants you have yet to try. The best part is when you go during happy hour! Sit at the bar order a drink and an appetizer to share. Check out all the vibes the restaurant has to offer. Here's the catch, you can't find one you like and stay there! You have to follow through and visit all three. Apps and Taps!

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