With the "Lovers Lane Tour" coming to town May 27th, it got us thinking about some actual "Lovers Lanes" here in Central Texas. A "lover's lane" by definition is a secluded area where people make out, kiss or do something a little bit more "physical". There's lots of romantic places around us but I could only think of these two!

Located in Harker Heights, this hilltop located just outside of Dana Peak Park is actually a very amazing "lover's lane" here in town. Overlooking Stillhouse Hollow Lake, you can check out an amazing view of the lake and all of the land as far as the horizon can take you, also a sunset (or sunrise if you're that lucky).

Another favorite is the Belton Dam turnaround area that's been a hotspot for many years. I known I've seen a few of you "lovers" there after a night of fun at nearby Dead Fish Grill which boasts its own incredible lakefront view.

That's just two I could think of at the top of my head, but what am I missing? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!