Meet Gracie. When I first met her she was scared, had just been spayed, wasn't potty trained and seemed to be so confused with her surroundings. The first time I picked Gracie up I realized we needed to put in some work, her skin was red, her hair was brittle. I am far from a fashionista or a health guru, but some coconut oil, Simply Nourish dog food, and some soothing baths can fix anything! Today is my last day with Gracie, Today she is headed to meet her forever family, here are a few things Gracie taught me during these past few weeks.

Krystal Montez

1. Don't rush things. Sometimes it's a good thing to take things slow. Gracie took awhile to figure out the whole potty training process, but now, she is a champ and has that bladder in control.

2. Be open minded. She is ready to learn new tricks, learn how to walk on a leash and ride shotgun in the car. In the beginning she would cower in the back, now she is front and center ready to learn something new.

3. Always show love. I get home she's yelping and jumping with excitement. I'm sitting down she's cuddled up next to me. She's all about showing you she loves you.

4. Never give up. Whether it's learning a trick, learning to climb up a gigantic bed for bed time, or waiting for the perfect forever home, always have hope. Never give up, keep trying until something sticks.

5. Be nice. Gracie is a tiny one, however she LOVES the big boys, she met our neighbors Marley and Finley, Marley is well over 100 pounds, guess who was Gracie's favorite? Yup she loved 100 pound Marley. She loves cats, humans of all kinds, she's all about being nice to everyone and everything. No judgment from her!

6. Extend grace. Gracie should hate humans as far as I am concerned. She has been mistreated, bred countless times to put money in a breeders pockets, but she is still willing to give humans a second chance.

If you see me crying, it's not you, it's Gracie. It's a good thing, she deserves this beautiful forever family.

Krystal Montez