Kix Brooks is a man of many interests, and a man with an interesting background. Prior to joining Ronnie Dunn to form one of country music's all-time greatest duos, the singer fronted a rowdy group of country rock n' rollers and released a solo album. It turns out, the rowdy, brawling sound one hears on 'New to This Town' is closer to Brooks' true character -- especially his youthful character -- as we learned by playing 60 Seconds With Kix Brooks. 

60 Seconds With Kix Brooks

Question 1: Who is the toughest woman in country music?

Kellie Pickler. I just think she's like today's Tanya Tucker, you know. She really ain't afraid of anything. She says what she means. I love Kellie. And I think she's had a lot of adversity as a kid and she's overcome it and she's tough.

Question 2: You have a song on the new album called 'Tattoo.' Do you or any of your kids have tattoos?

Nope. I don't think you can be any more radical than not having tattoos [laughs].

Question 3:  Did you ever get suspended from school?


Question 4: Care to say what you did?

I think the last time I hosed down a teacher with a fire extinguisher. I actually spent four years in military school [laughs]. I tried hard, I was just kind of a class clown with weapons.

Question 5: Did you have any memorable roles as a theater arts major?

Yeah, I played the drunk in 'The Time of Your Life.'

Question 6: Where's the best barbecue?

Coopers in Texas.

Question 7:  Have you ever been approached about a reality show?

Yes. Several of them including… what's Donald's show? 'Celebrity Apprentice.' I don't have time to make paper dolls for Donald.

Question 8: Last time you had a hangover?

[laughs] I don't know -- yesterday. I own a winery, man, give me a break.