A crying baby can cause tons of stress and sleepless nights for parents. So, when they figure out a magical key to soothing the little monster when it starts to fuss, that's a big deal indeed — even if it's something as unlikely as bombastic as the 'Star Wars' theme.

During a recent car ride, the little fellow in the video above was having a good wail, but stopped when the theme came on the MP3 player. So they tried it again and found that, for whatever reason, John Williams' score is the perfect pacifier.

As you can see, the baby calms quickly when the soaring piece of music plays. At one point he seems to want to start crying again, but can't quite bring himself to.

"Works every time," says Mom.

It would seem the force is strong in this one. We just hope he doesn't react the same way when 'The Imperial March' is played.