I have this Johnny Cash T-shirt that people seem to comment on a lot when I wear it. I suppose it is probably one of the coolest names you could find on a "Country" T-shirt besides Bocephus, Hank, or Haggard. I got it one weekend when I was actually shopping at a Walmart with my two nephews, Will and Caiden. It's kind of a lucky shirt because of what happened one day when I was wearing it. I wore it just a couple days ago, and took a photo in the studio to use as my profile pix on social media. Everybody still loves Johnny Cash.


The Census Bureau says most Americans move about 11 times during our lives. I think I'm up to 8 or 9 as I come into Central Texas in 2016, but a lot happens in almost 20 years of riding the airwaves. What I do remember are the great radio stations along the way, and friendships all over the country that I still maintain today. It's only been about 2 weeks, and I've met so many nice people here in the Lone star State!


When I got to packing for my move over from Alabama, I think I spent more time donating items, and throwing things away, then I did actually packing. I took my first load of stuff to the Salvation Army about two and a half weeks before I was going to be leaving the Yellowhammer State, and anyone who has moved knows it doesn't take long to accumulate a ton of stuff you never use again! So off I went to give it away instead of lugging this stuff over 800 miles to Central Texas.

Not long after I dropped off my donation to a place that helps local family's in need of clothes, I was with my nephews at Spring Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama (just a few blocks over from the birth place of Helen Keller). A guy came walking through the park with one of the items I had just donated to the store which wasn't very far away.  I smiled and said, "I like your jersey". He said "So do I!" Ya never know when you might have a chance to turn someone's day around without even trying. This guy had on the Chicago Cubs jersey that didn't fit me anymore that I had just dropped off. (I'm originally from Chicago, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in Alabama who had a Cubs jersey that said "Adams" with the number 77 on it.) I mean, what's the only sports jersey you see in Alabama? A "Roll Tide" to ya! What I might have thrown away was something someone else needed. Seeing that it made someone else happy was a very cool and unexpected pay off.

When I got to Central Texas, I wanted to seek out a place to drop off some more stuff that I didn't get around to letting go of before I left Alabama. I stopped at the Salvation Army family store in Temple, and I sent in the last of the clothes that don't fit anymore. I wonder if I'll see someone else wearing any of those items here in my new home, and a big smile to go with em'. It's great to be here, Central Texas! #DoingItCountry

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