When I adopted Bandit, our Shi Tzu, from the Temple Animal Shelter, he was a hot mess.  He was about two months past due for a grooming, and the back third of his body was shaved from the previous day's neutering.  He was in bad enough shape that I thought twice about adopting him.  Not because I'm that heartless, but because he looked almost sickly he was so matted and in need of a grooming.  Getting confirmation from the shelter employees that he was a healthy pup of about a year of age I decided he was our newest family member.

A shave and a bath just a few days later at Dirty Dogs Spaw changed everything.  Not only did he look like a million bucks, he was also happier than I'd seen him up to that point.  He could see now that the hair was out of his eyes.  He looked like a new man (dog).

The pup featured in this video is in a similar situation.  Just days away from being euthanized, a doggy makeover made all the difference in the world.  Just one more prime example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.





This Christmas, get that perfect Christmas gift by adopting a new family member.  Give a dog a 2nd chance and they'll be your best friend forever.  Both my dogs have come from the Temple Animal Shelter, but there are great shelters in Killeen, Waco and beyond.  The Killeen Shelter even has reduced pet adoptions for the Christmas season.  Dirty Dogs Spaw, where Bandit got his grooming, also serves as a rescue for dogs and cats.