Old, young, rich or poor, we all have something in common.  We hate Mondays.  More so than even Garfield, we'd like to send Monday packing.  How about an inspiring picture to get you through the day?

As we get back to work on this Monday, it may seem as though the pressure of the world sits squarely on your shoulders.  Whether you're on the wall protecting this country in military uniform or working your shift super-sizing it, the pressure gets to us all on Mondays.

Maybe you feel like your situation is hopeless.  Maybe you feel like you've not been given a fair deal.  Maybe you think the deck has been stacked against you your whole life.  "Nobody else has to deal with this B.S.", is something running on "repeat" through your mind.

Hold up just a minute.  Those feelings are (more than likely) nothing more than a pity-party.  I do it every (day) Monday.  I drag myself out of bed, drag myself into work and drag myself through the workday.  I feel like I've not been given the tools to fight the fight that needs to be fought each and every day, but for some reason I let it get to me more than normal on Mondays.

Then I remember seeing this:

Photo by me.


Out of the corner of my eye as I walked through the radio station parking lot Friday afternoon after a LONG week at work, I see something sticking up through the concrete.  As I get closer I see it's some sort of grass or weed or random plant growing up through a hole in the concrete.

Talk about an unforgiving hand to be dealt.  That poor plant set root in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, (in its world) a lifetime away from anything like itself.  That plant knows nothing more, so it knows only to grow.  Grow to the sky as you soak in every drop of rain that comes your way and every ray of sunshine (when there's not a car parked above you).  It's literally this poor plant against the world.

Maybe that's a good mentality for us to have.  Maybe we should see this plant as ourselves, knowing only to grow.  Think not of what you've not been given, but of what you've been given.  You may only have a hole in the concrete parking lot known as life, but that's enough.

That's enough to battle.  That's enough room to soak in the rain and soak in the sun.  Use everything you've been given to succeed, regardless of how little that may be.  Listen to the plant.  It can be done, even if our roots were put down in an inhospitable spot.  Make the most of that spot.  All you need is a shot.

Orrrrrrr, it could be a sign that no matter how much work you put into it, you're never getting out of that sh&%^y spot in life.  Just depends whether the glass is half-full or half-empty.  Happy Monday!