Mark Wahlberg does a lot, he acts, sorta raps, talks to animals, and owns a burger chain 'Wahlburgers' with his brothers.

The tough guy visited the Dallas Cowboys training camp over the weekend to announce the opening of the first Wahlburgers at the Star in Frisco, The Star-Telegram reports.

The restaurant at the Star will be the first in Texas, it's another burger chain making it's way to the Lone Star State. However, most have been coming from California, Wahlburgers, of course, comes from Marky Mark's home town on the East Coast of Boston (it helps to read this article in a Boston accent).

I like Mark enough as an actor, but the couple times he's played a Texan you could still hear a little Boston in that twang. Let's hope Wahlburgers will work better.

I think they should change their colors to orange so some folks might see "Wahlburgers" and think it's "Whataburger" it's a billion-dollar marketing scheme for sure!

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