While writing my Christmas Wishlist to Santa Claus - and trying to figure out whether I'd fall on the naughty or nice list - I asked myself, what does the city of Temple want? So I met with Temple Mayor Danny Dunn in front of the City Hall Christmas Tree and asked him:

Temple is undergoing an exciting transformation - ranging from the eventual completion of I-35 construction, downtown redevelopment, and economic growth.

I'm really excited to see what Temple looks like 10 years from now... This may be the best time in the city of Temple to be Mayor.

The plans for redevelopment and fostering a sense of community are the focal points:

I just want it to be better than I found it and I found it in a pretty good spot. At this day and age, that's a Mayor can really hope for.

Please forgive the wind and thank you to Mayor Danny Dunn for meeting with us.

Here's to a prosperous 2016.