A Wednesday morning traffic jam along I-35 also came with a little comic relief for motorists trapped in the gridlock near Troy, Tx. 

The Temple Daily Telegram reports that the man in the photo above got out of his vehicle and began playing the accordion for motorists stuck in traffic along the interstate. There was polka and dancing just after 8:30am Wednesday as Txdot spokeswoman Jody Wheatley confirmed motorists got out of their cars to dance while the music played.

Was it a little risky? Yes. It's probably never a good idea to get out of your car and dance around the interstate. In this case, the folks who decided to do so felt they would be ok.

Yesterday was a tricky day for traffic accidents. Multiple vehicles, including two 18-wheelers, crashed near mile marker 307 near Troy. Traffic was blocked for the better part of two hours.

Polka beats road rage any day. Stay safe out there y'all!