In the latest of a long list of attempts to delay the trial, accused Fort Hood Murderer Major Nidal Hasan is now requesting a change of venue for his trial.  This request is expected to be made during the pretrial hearing today along with two other requests, one for the officers on the jury to be changed and one for Army Judge Colonel Tara Osborn to reconsider the procedure for sentencing Hasan if he is convicted.  

With this type of case, being as it is so high profile and affecting everyone in the armed services, it is going to be very difficult to find a jury that isn't aware of what happened and not already have an opinion on what happened.  It seems that Hasan will continue to earn his Army Major pay as he is provided accommodations by the federal government inside one of our great correctional institutions while he delays his trial for 13 counts of murder and 33 counts of attempted murder.