Alright, People Magazine, agree to disagree.

via Getty Images/ Photo by Ethan Miller

Apparently the "People" have spoken, (see what I did there?) and Adam Levine is officially this year's "Sexiest Man Alive". The singer and famed Voice judge has had a pretty busy year. Not only did he start filming for his first feature film, Can A Song Save Your Life ?, but he also got engaged to his girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo, this June. On top of all that, he managed to add designer to his resume, launching his men's line at K-Mart this year. Oh yeah, and he's got fragrances now too. (Because apparently now everyone does). 

So we get it People, Adam Levine is really accomplished this year. But does that really make him the sexiest man alive? I'm pretty sure a better case can be made for 20 other guys who ranked lower on the list. (*cough* Zac Efron, *cough* Chris Hemsworth) You can see the entire issue in it's entirety on stands November 22nd, but we have a sneak peak at who cracked the top 10 (in random order)

-IDRIS ELBA: You probably saw him in both Pacific Rim and Thor: The Dark World this year. Am I the only one who didn't know this guy was British?

-LUKE BRYAN: Yes Luke Bryan, feel free to cook me up a little catfish dinner anytime.

-JIMMY FALLON: A sense of humor will get you everywhere! Love this pick!

-BRUNO MARS: Although I'm not a fan of his new 'fro, Bruno Mars does have the voice of an angel!

-JONATHON & DREW SCOTT- Umm who? Apparently these twins are HGTV stars.

-JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE- And he didn't win because...?

-CHRIS PINE- I guess this proves that Trekkies can be cool!

-PHARRELL WILLIAMS- Think skateboards, Daft Punk, and Blurred Lines.

-RONAN FARROW- What?!? I'm calling bs on this one! The only reason Mia Farrow's son made the list was because she admitted he may be Frank Sinatra's son. PS He's not attractive. Sorry, not sorry.

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