Ever wonder what's going on behind your co-worker's closed door? According to a recent survey, the answer may shock you!

via Microsoft Clip Gallert
via Microsoft Clip Gallert

You see it in the movies and on TV all the time. The boss and the flirtatious employee starting a scandalous office romance under everyone's nose. But does it actually happen in real life? According to a recent survey, YES! The majority of women surveyed admitted to having a crush on their boss, with almost a quarter of them actually acting on it! Check out more statistics from the survey below!


40% of women wear red lipstick to get attention from their boss

60% wear eye makeup to get attention/preferential treatment

49% say they'll wear a low-cut dress or high heels to get their boss's attention 

58% of women say they've had a crush on their boss 

And 22% say they've had an AFFAIR with a boss!!


So basically, if you think your husband's employee has the hots for him, you're probably right. (And you have my full permission to put her in her place! lol) What do you think of these stats? Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!

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