There are some internet phenomenons that just won't go away.  Grumpy (or, for that matter, ANY) Cat, post-dentist drug-induced rants, and, as I found out today, Mentos/Diet Coke videos just keep growing.

The numbers continue to climb, not just in terms of views on YouTube, but also the number of imposters and people taking it to an entirely new level.  Take, for instance, the Mentos/Diet Coke phenomenon.  This trend started thanks to YouTube videos showing knuckleheads putting perfectly good (and tasty) Mentos into perfectly good Diet Coke creating a completely not-good combination of fizz and explosive projectiles.

Since the inception of the Mentos/YouTube video, millions of views and thousands of knock-offs have spawned.  Fast-forward from the inception to now, and we've got people creating entire suits of Mentos to see what happens.  I saw the first video you'll see below on a buddy's Facebook timeline and was impressed enough to watch.





After realizing this video was something I wanted to explore further, I came across the grandaddy of all Mentos videos.  As you'll see below, this is another gentleman that blended an idea with too much free time to create enjoyment for the rest of us.




The next progression in the Mentos/Diet Coke phenomenon will be (I hope) an entire Olympic size swimming pool filled with Diet Coke and a helicopter circling above with a few tons of Mentos set to drop into the belly of the beast.  Now that I've put it down in words on this screen I want to see it even more.  Who's gonna make it happen?  Bueller?  Bueller?