The Dallas Cowboys opened their season winning three straight. After Sunday's loss to the previously winless New York Jets, they're .500.

They dug themselves in a hole early and gave themselves a chance to tie the game with less than a minute to go, but were unsuccessful at a two-point conversion attempt.

Still tied for first in their division many have lost hope in a team that appeared to have a lot of promise. Including owner Jerry Jones.

According to Jones stated that as of right now Dallas is not a "top team" in the NFL and needs to simply focus on winning the division.

"I think it's all about where you end up in your division. I think the competition against each other and the competition within the division, I think that's where it all is. Now, ultimately, if you're one of the really top teams, which we're not, we are not... I hope that someday this season we could be one of the top teams. We certainly were not tonight."

-Jerry Jones

On his 77th birthday, Jones said what needs to be said to this talented unit. The season isn't over yet, but they are digging themselves into quite a hole. Last year they had a much worse start and still managed to make the post-season.

For Jets fans, the good news is it looks like second-year quarterback Sam Darnold could be the real deal in his debut game this season.



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