Make a contingency plan if you need to travel this summer, because American Airlines is canceling several flights through mid-July.

American Airlines has announced that it will be forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to bad weather and labor shortages.

A spokesperson from American Airlines tells CNN"The first few weeks of June have brought unprecedented weather to our largest hubs, heavily impacting our operation and causing delays, canceled flights and disruptions to crew member schedules and our customers' plans."

The spokesperson also cited labor shortages that have impacted American Airline vendors.

Also, surprise surprise, they said that there's been a surge in customer demand. That makes sense, right? It's summer, and as places are easing up on pandemic restrictions, people are looking to travel and see some of the world after being cooped up.

Post pandemic travel plans have lead to a rush of passengers using commercial airlines for work travel and vacations, and American Airlines has had trouble keeping up with the demand. Plus weather cancelations in June have added up to major problems for the airline.

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American Airlines says it will cancel 1% of flights in July and spread out the cancelations to help minimalize the impact. The Dallas Fort Worth will be hit the hardest.

In a statement to Reuters, AA said that the adjustments would "help ensure we can take good care of our customers and team members and minimize surprises at the airport."

This can surely be a problem for those expecting to fly American Airlines and not knowing if their flight has been chosen to be part of these cancelations. Many customers have already been told of the cancelations, but if staffing issues continue, there may be more flights impacted.

While driving may not always be possible for trips far, far away think about taking the scenic route if you'll be traveling within our state or to a place not too far outside of it. Maybe you'll find some cool stops along the way.

Can't do that in an aeroplane now can ya?

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