I have tried just about everything to lose weight. All the legitimate diets, the supplements, the injections, everything except diet and exercise, maybe I will do that next.  I have gone through some desperate dieting times, but I never tried the Tapeworm Diet.
Remember learning about tapeworms in school? They can grow up to 50 feet long, inside your body! Tapeworms are parasites that get inside your intestines (usually through undercooked pork) and eat the food you suck down. And that, my friend is the theory behind the Tapeworm diet. You swallow a tapeworm and you lose weight.
Watch this TOMO report about an Iowa Woman who decided to try it.

DON’T DO IT! The Tapeworm Diet is also called the IDIOT’S diet.  Crossover to  the sensible side and join me in the Diet and Exercise Room. It may take me a while to get there though.   Wait for Me!