With some Temple schools already in session and Temple ISD set to kick off the Fall semester on August 26th, Temple Police Department would like to see motorists and pedestrians practice common sense and safety.

Temple PD wants to remind motorists to pay special attention while traveling through school zones and avoid violations like speeding, using a cellular phone or failing to notice or obey crossing guards, as fines for these offenses will be doubled during school zone hours.

Important Safety Reminders for Pedestrians:

  • Always use the sidewalk where one is provided (it’s the law). If no sidewalk is provided, you must walk facing traffic, and as far off the roadway as possible.
  • Always cross the roadway at a marked cross walk, or controlled intersection, whenever possible
  • Always stop and look, left, right, and then left again before crossing.
  • ONLY cross with sufficient clearance plus 5 seconds in case you’ve estimated distance, speed, or both incorrectly.
  • NEVER cross an interstate highway or other controlled access highway—it is not worth the risk! Walk to the nearest over/underpass and cross there.
  • Try not to walk on or near major roadways during dark hours. If you must do so, then increase your visibility with a flashlight, reflective clothing, etc.

Important Safety Reminders for Drivers:

  • Slow down where pedestrians are likely to be present—especially school zones.
  • Be watchful for pedestrians even where they are unlikely to be present.
  • ALWAYS yield to a pedestrian in the roadway. It is usually required by law, and it is not worth the risk even when the pedestrian is there unlawfully.
  • Slow down and move over when pedestrians are near the roadway.
  • ALWAYS stop for school crossing guards as soon as they enter any portion of the cross walk.
  • ALWAYS stop for school buses that have their alternating red lights or stop arm active.