We all have our own definitions of justice, but I can assure you that in this story you won't find it.

According to a report from the Great Falls Tribune, William Edward Miller Jr. of Cascade County, Montana originally faced over 60 charges of sexual abuse to children, but somehow walked out with a deferred sentence.

Of course I'm being sarcastic when I say somehow, but really, how is that even an option or an appropriate sentence for his victims?

Miller has been accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and also instructing an 11-year-old boy to rape her while he watched. While Miller was incarcerated, investigators found images and videos of child pornography and bestiality on his phone and laptop.

On Monday, July 20, William Edward Miller Jr. accepted a plea deal that wiped all but two of the charges. Miller pleaded guilty to felony sexual abuse of children and misdemeanor unsworn falsification to authorities, plus to top it off Miller was sentenced to only 6 months and was able to walk away with time served after previously spending 384 days in the  Cascade County Detention Center.

My head is spinning and my stomach is in knots. I do not understand. I've seen countless people spend years of their life in jail or prison because of the senseless war on drugs, while those who hurt women and children walk away with the freedom to continue to harm others.

One of the charges that stuck actually comes from a photograph of Miller's current wife, who was only 17 at the time of the photo. While the age of consent in Montana is 16, sexual images or video of anyone under the age of 18 are still child pornography. Miller's wife pleaded for his release and stated to the court, “William is a kind, compassionate, empathetic man. Never has he manipulated or controlled me,” she said, later telling Judge Best, “I ask that we be free of this charge. I feel that we have suffered enough, and I am not a victim of my husband.”

Please do not get me started on the subject of grooming.

Again, for reasons beyond my comprehension, the judge in this case found that Miller should be allowed to serve his two sentences concurrently, allowing him to walk out a free man. Miller must now complete sex offender treatment in the community and stay out of trouble for 1 year. If Miller is able to accomplish those two requirements, he could petition to have the charge on his record expunged and be removed from the sexual offender's list.

For comparison, I currently know someone who was caught with 1 gram of marijuana and is serving 10 years probation.

Justice served though, right?

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