We've all heard about pranking gone wrong.  I've heard of couples breaking up when one partner pranks the other only to somehow find out they've been cheating.  It happens.  Just not (typically) on live TV in front of a studio audience.

Watch this awkward exchange when Ellen attempts to prank call Leah Remini's husband.  The build-up is that Angelo (husband in question) is staying in a hotel and Ellen was going to prank call him, lamely asking questions about the hotel in which he's saying all while using a (again, lame) accent.

Things go haywire when a woman picks up the phone.  Leah rips the phone from Ellen and drops an expletive in trying to get information.  After informing (alleged) hussie that she's, in fact, Angelo's wife you can hear the woman on the line asking, "You're married?".  Did I mention it's awkward?




The question becomes, are you buying Leah's explanation on Twitter that it was a prank and that she and Angelo are just fine?




Let's hope all is well.  There are few things worse than being humiliated on national TV.