Attending a music festival is the height of concert attendance because of the eclecticism of the the artists and experience that the concert goer is allowed to immerse their self within across a day, weekend, or even week of shows. Every year Austin, Texas hosts one of the premier music festivals that gracefully molds multiple stages into a one of a kind cultural anomaly titled Austin City Limits that feature special finds like the band Husbands.

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One, two, three, Cuatro with Husbands at Austin City Limits

There is very little that compares to the stimulation an artist or band experiences than when a brand new album is finally available for the world to enjoy. Fashion industry has runway shows, painters and photographers have gallery openings, and for people that create music it is the album release.

And a release it is. As you can see in the interview with Husbands above, the finality and closure that comes with a new record is the ultimate reward.

Next to actually having your own children, being able to release an album is generally regarded as the greatest joy an artists ever experiences. It is similar to the time Mufasa shows all of Pride Rock their first look at his son Simba.

What is special about Husbands new album Cuatro being released?


This is not an album review article, this is a hot tip for you to check out Husbands new album on Friday. I personally describe their art thus far as being sweet vibe birthing, progressive surf rock, and it's fair to say you will most likely be impressed by their progress with Cuatro.

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