WalletHub gathered data to find the metro areas in the nation with the highest education rate and Austin-Round Rock came out ranking 9th out of 150.

Making it the highest-ranked area in the state. Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country with many tech companies recently setting up offices.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington is a distant second in Texas with a ranking of 71st. Killeen-Temple came out at 111th.

Now, I'm of the opinion that polls like this don't really say all that much about the quality of people in the area. Who knows why some folks didn't finish high school or pursue higher education. Some of the most intelligent people I know never attended college. If anything it tells you there are a higher percentage of snobs in the area, "I went to Harvard and I like vegan-friendly cheese".

No, Austin is a cool town and all and I'm part of the area. But, I don't want this getting to their heads too much. I can just picture some Austinite going around bragging "live music AND big brains! huh, we got it all!" Calm down bud.

Congrats to the capital city, free protractors for everyone!

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