The search for a young child in Texas has led authorities to discover new information since an Amber Alert was issued last Saturday.

Details Known At The Current Time

The young child, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, was reported missing back in November of 2022. Investigators at Child Protective Services received word that the young boy was missing. After Everman Police and CPS looked further into the disappearance, they also discovered extended family didn't know Noel's whereabouts.

When police talked to the mother of Noel, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, she stated to law enforcement that Noel was with his biological father in Mexico. However, this statement was contradicted by the father himself, who stated to CPS that he hadn't met Noel, due to the his deportation from the country before his birth.

The father's testimony was confirmed by The Department of Homeland Security. Law enforcement then looked further into the mother's background and discovered rather troubling details.

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Mother's Subsequent Actions

On March 23rd, Authorities found that the six children that were with Cindy Rodriguez-Singh were not in school. Cindy has questioned the school regarding unenrollment, which police found out about. She also was alleged to have ignored attempts of contact from police.

Cindy's background check revealed, according to police, a history of alcohol-related offenses, which were described as extensive.

It was also discovered that Cindy, her husband, and the children had left the country on March 23rd, after a vehicle that belonged to the family was discovered at DFW Airport. The destination the family was headed to was Turkey, but law enforcement have been unable to ascertain if that is the final stop.

After discovering the family had left the country, the Amber Alert was changed to a Endangered Missing Person Alert. At present, Authorities are asking for help from the public if they have any information regarding Noel.

If you have any tips which could lead to finding Noel, Police have asked Texans to call 817-293-2923. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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