There's one ice cream in Texas many love: Blue Bell.

Since it's creation in the year 1907, the company has become one of the most famous ice cream makers in the nation. It's also a Texas original, starting in the city of Brenham. Suffice to say, when people think of Blue Bell, they think of the Lone Star State.

Throughout the years, the company has made many different flavors. Also, they offer various different merchandise, such as a koolie. But recently, a new flavor is making it's way to store shelves.

If you love a certain type of soft drink, specifically root beer, you're in luck!

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The Newest Blue Bell Flavor Involves A&W Root Beer

Per a press release from the company, the new flavor is out right now. The Blue Bell General Sales Manager, John Neal Robinson, said about the new sweet treat:

“We received many requests for an A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream," He continued on: "After the huge success of Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream last year, we were ready to work together on another delicious flavor. We recommend enjoying a few scoops in a chilled mug just like your favorite root beer.”

Blue Bell also revealed that the flavor will be available in all states where their ice cream is sold until 2025. Are you excited for this new flavor? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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