Ice cream lovers rejoice! A favorite flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream is coming back!

Blue Bell Classic Back In Stock After 10 Years

With spring-like weather arriving, we are already enjoying Blue Bell Ice Cream and all of its splendor.

As if the twenty-three flavors of Blue Bell aren't enough, the popular ice cream maker is bringing back a favorite that was introduced 10 years ago for a limited time.

Remember Peachy Peach?

Now Available In Grocery Stores

Blue Bell General Sales Manager Carl Breed told 

“Avid Blue Bell fans may recognize Peachy Peach from their local ice cream parlor, We want to share this delicious flavor with even more people. It is a great addition to our in-store lineup.”

For the past ten years, peach-flavored Blue Bell Ice Cream was already available in selected ice cream parlors in Texa. Now this summertime guilty pleasure will be available for everyone in grocery stores.

If you haven't tried it yet, it really does feature chunks of real peaches!

And now thanks to Blue Bell, you can enjoy it at home.

For A Limited Time Only

Peachy Peach flavored Blue Bell Ice Cream is now available in half-gallon and pint-sizes at your local grocer for a limited time only. That's right - it's a limited run, so go out and stock up on a few half gallons!


With the hot summers we have here in Texas it's good Blue Bell is opening up its repertoire and giving us more sweet treats.

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