Every year, practically countless laws go on the books in not only Texas, but across the whole United States, and many end up there without the general public's knowledge or blinking of an eye. As of the first of the month, this very famous and common household item that you literally use every day has had its legal status permanently changed.

When I say this household item is used literally every day, it goes even farther than that because we all pretty much use it all day every day. The real juxtaposition of the ban is that it took real genius to become part of our daily lives, but simple accounting decided it needs to be eliminated from existence.

What is now banned in Texas?

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Who's bright idea was it to ban the lightbulb? Well, more specifically it is the incandescent lightbulb that has been banned, and you can thank the Federal Government for that one.

What do I do with my old lightbulbs?

Don't worry, the army of new IRS agents aren't going to be kicking your door in to confiscate all your incandescent bulbs, but don't expect to see them on the store shelves much longer. The new law has made the production of any bulb with less than 45 lumens to no longer be allowed.


So, feel free to keep using the old bulbs, and you may even want to accumulate a small backstock if you prefer their glow in your particular fixtures. Keep an eye out for light sabers (pictured above) fluorescent lightbulbs could be banned next.

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