The Baylor Bears failed to do what the Texas Longhorns did last year and lost to the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl 26-14.

Our news partners KWTX report that Baylor starting quarterback Charlie Brewer left the game early after he took a dive out of bounds. The former Lake Travis star left the Big 12 championship game early as well due to a concussion.

Head coach Matt Rhule assured the media after the game that Brewer's head was not the major concern.

"They told me as I came in they were checking his neck, C-spine, they said he cleared the C-spine just now. So that's what they were concerned about -- his neck. He didn't exhibit any head symptoms."

-Matt Rhule

Who knows what would have happened if Brewer had not gotten hurt, but the Bears should be proud of their season. Their only losses were at the hands of top ten teams, 11-3 is a huge improvement from last year, heck they only won one game two short years ago.

We're all hoping for a speedy recovery for Brewer.

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