WARNING: We advise readers that details of the alleged crimes may be unsuitable for certain readers.

Justin Reilly Belton of Baytown, Texas stands accused of some truly frightening crimes towards animals. Here are the details we know at this time.

The Case Against Belton

According to ABC 13, Belton is alleged to have went to Sunset 24/7 Animal Hospital around 6 AM with puppies suffering from alarming injuries. The records obtained state that four of puppies, out of the six total, were missing legs or paws, which appeared to have been cut off.

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ABC 13 also stated that would not reveal further details regarding the injuries to the puppies, but it was sadly revealed that one of the dogs had to be put down due to its injuries.

Further investigation revealed that people who lived near Belton stated they heard "barking and crying" from dogs at Belton's residence around the time of 3 in the morning. Investigations also revealed, according to court paperwork, Belton could not keep his story straight.

The injuries to the dogs, according to records, were alleged to have caused by an unknown tool.

Justin Belton was arrested at the infirmary mentioned earlier, and at the time of writing, he hasn't been able to find someone to take his defense.

Personal Opinion Of The Writer

This story, quite frankly, makes my blood boil. No animal deserves abuse, especially younger ones. As a dog person, if these alleged crimes against Belton are true, the sentence should justify the actions he is alleged to have taken.

As this story is still developing, we will have more information if it becomes available.

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