The Bell County Expo Center has hosted many a event in Central Texas. First opened in 1987, the center has even professional sports. With time passing, and events coming and going, the center has always needed to maintain facilities.

To help with the cost of maintenance and potential growth, KWTX reports that the center in now looking for someone to sponsor the venue. According to the report, proposals closed at 2 PM on Tuesday. Those wishing to present their interest to sponsor had to provide a proposal of 48 pages to be in contention.

What will the funds go towards?

Tim Stephens, who is the executive director of the Bell County Expo Center, stated in a comment to KWTX that he hopes the potential sponsor will "offset our operations so that we can be somewhat self-sustaining operationally."

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Not only that, Stephens also elaborated on the help the possible $261,000 in fees would help with the city:

“The main two reasons we exist, is for quality of life and economic impact,” Stephens continued on, “I think we do very well at accomplishing both of those. And that’s always our goal. That’s what our business is based around. But at the same time, while we’re doing those things, we try to generate as much revenue as we can to pay for ourselves and where we can pay for our operations and that kind of thing.”

Who would you like to see become the official sponsor of the Bell County Expo Center? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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