Finding a job sometimes seems like it's always a hassle. Unfortunately for most of us, it normally is. However Belton ISD is helping those looking for work.

The district plans to hold a job fair on June 1st. It will take place from 1 to 3:30 PM. All looking for work are encouraged to attend.

In a press release, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Todd Schiller said:

Belton ISD has something really special to offer those interested in a career in education, at any level." Schiller continued on to say, “We are proud to have a culture that supports and values every member of our team. For that reason, folks want to work in the Big Red Community.

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Many positions are open, including classroom teachers, substitute positions, special education and support staff, and administrative positions.

Schiller spoke on the variety of jobs available to anyone wanting to work for the ISD:

We have incredible opportunities available for the coming school year. With our growth over the years and projected enrollment, hiring the best people is a priority for Belton ISD.

Schiller reiterated the importance of the job fair as well, “This will be a fun event to come learn more about our ‘World-Class Employee’ culture, meet our leadership staff and get excited about careers in Belton ISD.”

Belton ISD will also be offering free breakfast and lunch to any child aged 1-18. They will also serve food to any child, regardless if they are in the Belton School District or not.

In the press release announcing the event, Donna Shelton, Assistant Director of Nutrition Services stated:

Many children rely on school meals during the academic year, and we’re glad to be able to continue offering them throughout the summer months at no cost to the child.

Shelton also added:

These nutritious meals will help ensure the kids have a healthy summer and are ready to learn when school resumes in August.

For more information on the job fair, click here. And for more information about the free breakfast and lunch for students, click here.

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