Acts of violence unfortunately happen every day. Central Texas isn't immune, and in fact some schools in our area have experienced events that could be described as disturbing to say the least - the most recent of which was the fatal stabbing of a student at Belton High School. The question has once again been brought up of how to make sure that students in school are safe and unharmed. Should schools in Belton, Texas and surrounding areas be equipped with additional security devices?

KWTX recently reported that some school districts, mainly Killeen, Temple, and Belton, have different procedures for students when they arrive for classes.

Killeen currently has metal detectors for students to walk through in middle schools and high schools. When KWTX asked for comment, Killeen ISD responded with the following:

“All Killeen ISD middle and high schools have metal detectors and wands that are used at the campus’s discretion on implementation. For reference, it usually takes a large high school (2,000 students) about 30-45 minutes to process students through which takes away time from in the classroom. As an alternative we have used them on various days/times, during lunch, and outside of classrooms.”

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Temple has them as well, but will only use them in situations that would require them. KWTX also received the following comment from a spokesperson:

“Our Disciplinary Alternative Education Center has a metal detector at the front entrance. At Temple High School, metal detecting wands are used as part of our routine emergency drill procedures."

Belton does not use metal detectors, but they also haven't ruled them out for use in the future according to a comment received by KWTX from Belton ISD:

"We consistently work with our campus safety teams, a district safety committee, school resource officers, local law enforcement resources, and with guidance from the Texas School Safety Center to develop and implement best practices. Metal detectors and wands are not currently recommend as a best practice, however, we continue to evaluate our safety measures and could consider them in the future.”

We now pose the question to you: Should metal detectors be standard in Belton, or even all schools in Texas? Or are there better ways to make sure our children are safe in school? Let us know via our station app. Just tap the Chat button and let us know your thoughts.

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