Belton ISD continues to see major growth with expectation of around 19,000 new students by 2031.

It's great to see growth here in Central Texas, some cities are seeing it faster than others. Belton is one of those cities.

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The Belton Journal reports that according to a demographer who works with Zonda Education, Michelle Box, enrollment for Belton ISD is expected to see major growth over the next 10 years. The expectation is that enrollment could be more that 19,000 new students to the district. To put that into prospective, the current enrollment is 13,000 students.

Superintendent Matt Smith says,

“The growth is already happening, we saw a 5.8 percent increase in students from fall 2020 to fall 2021. This equates to 733 additional students. We’re also seeing a strong retention rate, even while growing.”

Belton is seeing the results of the housing boom here in Central Texas. Currently there are about 1,975 lots underway in the district. If the growth continues at a similar rate,  Belton ISD could see about 28,000 students by 2051.

“Those numbers will make you stop and catch your breath they’re also a reminder of why the conversations we’re having now and the decisions that will need to be made very soon are so important for our community and our kids.” says Smith.

A Bond Exploration Committee have updated trustees, who are awaiting recommendations from Superintendent Smith.

The growth is great but with it comes with some challenges. Belton is a highly desired are for new families. Small town living may not be so small in the near future.

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