Officials with the City of Belton are advising swimmers to be cautious after tests revealed higher than usual levels of bacteria in Nolan Creek.

Water samples from 2 of 4 test sites showed elevated levels of bacteria that exceeded the recommended environmental levels for swimming. The City says the high levels are likely the result of the recent hot weather and seasonal low flows into Nolan Creek.

Water quality signs will be posted adjacent to popular swimming locations, and citizens who choose to swim do so at their own risk. The City has ordered additional testing and will monitor changing water quality conditions.

Keep these tips in mind if you choose to swim along Nolan Creek:

  • Anyone with a compromised immune system or some other health concern should consult a doctor before swimming in any natural outdoor body of water.
  • Avoid the water if you have an open wound or an infection.
  • Avoid swimming in the creek after heavy rainfall due to increased runoff.
  • Protect your ears with plugs to prevent infection.
  • Pay close attention to water quality advisory warnings.